‘All Schools should be arts schools!’ : The new movie Art Party and the fightback against the government’s attack on the creative arts


“What will the take-up of arts subjects be like in the future if Gove’s reforms are not reversed? The Government sees art in schools as a “nice to have”, or as an entertainment on wet Wednesday afternoons, not as an essential core activity which injects future-gazing and hope into our schools.”

“This is no time to stop protesting; the need to better advocate the arts to government remains. In truth, we need to put pressure on all politicians to take the arts more seriously. Labour makes warmer noises but an eagle eye needs to be kept on them. Weren’t they the government that commissioned the Browne Review which effectively privatised arts and humanities degree courses? The increase in student fees as a result of the Browne Review has meant that the traditional route into the professional visual arts, namely a postgraduate degree, is unthinkable for many Fine Art graduates saddled with so much debt from their first degree.”


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