Summary of Tutorial 25/02/15

After useful and positive feedback I intend to continue with my briefs generally as planned. We discussed whether the individual student videos were relevant, and a useful part of the project, and decided that they were as they show the overall debate surrounding the issue of arts education. This allows me to employ a lot of my COP research into the acknowledgement of constructing an argument when producing a documentary; the individual videos will show peoples experiences and opinions as truthfully as possible, and they I will consciously construct an overall documentary which draws on positive comments from the students, to argue that arts education is highly important.

I will perhaps not only include students in the individual videos, as originally planned. Instead the individual interview videos could include interviews with staff, senior management, post-graduates, and people working in the art industry, to show a more broad debate, as this strengthens the purpose of this aspect of the project.

Plan of action and things to note:

I should focus on how I select who I will interview – I should try to avoid using Viscom students – whose learning journeys I am already familiar with, and find subjects from different courses as this will give the project more integrity and allow me to develop my interview skills, as I won’t be able to anticipate what they might say. This will challenge me to have contingency questions, and to develop a fuller interview plan.

I should also try to choose a diverse range of subjects, including those from different financial backgrounds, from different parts of the country, international students, mature students, those who suffer from learning difficulties and so on. This will obviously be an investigative process and I will encourage me to develop my researching of subjects, in order to get different perspectives on the issue of arts education.



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