Like Knows Like

Like Knows Like is a documentary collection website and project that showcases inspiring creative practitioners and artists, revealing their personal stories:

For example, above is a biography style documentary of the illustrator: Wasted Rita.

I really like the emphasis on their experiences, influences and inspiration surrounding their practice. Initially when wanting to focus on promoting LCA students who will graduate 2015, I wanted to take this approach to telling their stories and experiences through 3 years of higher education in the arts, reflecting on their own development.

Now my projects focus has changed slightly, I want to investigate more into how important the education has been to them, how they have changed and developed themselves as practitioners, with focus on the importance of arts education – was the 3 years and £21,000 worth it? I would still like to use this style of investigating their journey similar to the Like Knows Like project.

I should remember to focus on the positive aspects, since I hope to create a longer documentary that promotes art education… although I do want to honestly voice the opinions of the subjects, and how they feel their experience has been.


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