Extended Practice: My Brief

  1. Create a series of videos, which document the opinions and experiences of students who are about to graduate from art education, focusing on their personal stories and journey through 3+ years at £9,000 per year. The videos should question: was it worth it, what have they learnt, how important was this education to them in preparing them for work in the creative industries. The videos will be based on a main interview and supported by shots of that person’s creative practice. The videos will be hosted on a youtube channel, or its own website as another online aspect showing the fuller debate surrounding the final documentary.
  2. Compile these mini documentary videos, into one full documentary which creates an argument to support the Leeds Art Party organisation. This will also include interviews with people such as tutors, post-graduates, and creative practitioners already working in the industry. This will be supported by a voiceover providing facts and context for the interviews and opinions. Will also possibly use stock footage to illustrate political and social context – e.g. student riots / campaigns for arts education / government plans to cut funding.


Statement of Intent:

During this project I would like to develop my project managing skills, including aspects such as organisation and idea generation. I want to evidence my ability to oversee a longer documentary film from start to finish, as well as to create a series of short videos which illustrate the debate surrounding an issue.

I intend to develop my editing ability, to allow me to produce an interesting documentary with an engaging structure. To evidence my ability to co-ordinate different aspects of a film I hope to work with other students to produce different kinds of visual content for the film – illustrations, stop-frame animations which help tell the story. I also hope to experiment with editing existing footage of political speeches and news coverage to communicate the context around the issue I am exploring. I would like to develop my skills in storytelling, by creating a voiceover which is interesting as well as informative. My overall goal is to evidence that I can produce engaging and relevant films, to help me get work in a company which produces documentaries.


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