Adult Social Care video inspiration

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard the brief (a combination of real footage and animation, telling a person’s story from before using a service to after) was the Bupa adverts.

This is quite close to how I visualise our video, because there is an element of humour among the story.

In many of the other Bupa adverts of the same style, the stories involve some kind of struggle – being ill, which is overcome with the help of Bupa.

For example:

This I think is what the Neighbourhood networks team want our video to show.

The aim of these adverts seem to be to encourage people who are in similar situations turn to Bupa for help. The aim of the Neighbourhood Networks video is to show peoples stories, and how their lives have improved through using the service, through both emotion and humour. Therefore I think this is a good starting point.


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