HIV video – using stock footage

When researching the practicalities of making the video I found because of the stigma surrounding HIV and the confidentiality of sexual health, the topic I chose would be difficult to gather footage for, so I had to start using found footage from youtube.

I had difficulty finding footage that I could use aside of ad campaigns. I wanted to show footage of someone getting tested for example however It was hard to find someone getting tested for HIV. I found plenty of general sexual health clips, but I didn’t want to change the context because this is quite unethical to insinuate someone has, or might have HIV when they don’t.

I used existing HIV campaign videos to support my point, a lot of these had moving info graphics which is something I could not have done myself. This gave my video another dimension, but the negative was that all the different styles of video didn’t flow well, and there was no style which ran through the video which I think let it down.

Here are the links to the footage which I gathered from youtube and other sites:

People walking around Tokyo

People walking around New York City 1
HIV advert
Aids – Everything you need to know
How HIV treatment works- Body & Soul Charity
What Happens When You Visit A Sexual Health Clinic
Topsy | AIDS patients dramatic recovery
Sexual Health Clinic (GUM) – STI/STD test

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