HIV visual research

I like the simplicity of this video. Using an item like a bag is a good visual tool to represent something which is hard to get footage of. The message relates to the imagery but you are not literally seeing footage of what the person is talking about, it is a representation.

This is a style of working which may be really useful for me, considering the challenging topic, which will be difficult to show visually on screen with the restricted access I have to sexual health centres, and people who have or are willing to appear to the audience like they have HIV. I have realised that once people know the nature of what I am filming about, because of the stigma I they aren’t very willing to be featured in my video.

I intend to remix found videos (on youtube) to make my own combined edit which is what Mozilla popcorn encourages, however even despite this it has been difficult to find footage of certain aspects of my HIV message. Things like ‘getting tested’ are hard to represent on screen. Using the above approach, which is uses imagery to represent concepts rather than literally show them, could be a solution to this. 


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