Tetley Feast video – research

To begin my research before filming and editing, I looked at the video the two 3rd year students made of the opening of the Tetley project, which I thought was fantastic.

I thought the shots they got were really great e.g. the revolving door, lots of good close ups of work showing details, people interacting with the work. I thought it also worked nicely how they edited in footage from the videos rather than just filming them, which would have been lower quality. I think these are great inspiration for the type of shots we need to collect at the event.

The interviews they collected were good, but I found the subtitles a bit distracting. This has highlighted to me the importance of getting a clear audio, so that they are not necessary.

The choice of music works well, a track called ‘Friend (Lover)’ by Evenings, which Beatrice used in her film for the exhibition. Maybe we could use the same song, to tie the event videos together.


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