Tetley Feast video – editing decisions

  • Voiceover

The existing voice over we recorded at the Tetley was not clear enough, there was too much background noise of the event so you cannot really hear her. The tense Marianne speaks in doesn’t work for the video, as she says things like ‘today’s exhibition’.

We decided it would be best to re-record the voice-over in the sound booth, to get a clearer and more concise audio. We can get her to pause a lot between phrases to help editing, in case we need to cut bits, or re-order them.

Zoe went through and wrote down the important parts of Marianne’s first interview, rephrasing some of them. We also added things which we felt were missing, e.g. information about the groups and descriptions of work. We restructured it a bit, to make sense with what the viewer would be seeing in terms of the visuals. This will be the script we will give Marianne when we record in the sound booth.

  • Music

We initially thought we would use the music that was used for the first Tetley video (the opening exhibition), which was the soundtrack from Beatrice’s video as it worked well. The track is ‘Friend (Lover)’ by Evenings.

I dropped this into the timeline and began cutting the footage to the music. It seemed to work well except because our film was longer than the first Tetley video, we had to use the whole track, which changes towards the end. It becomes a bit abstract and minimal, and no longer goes well with the shots we have.

Also, after we added Marianne’s voice over, the two audios don’t seem to compliment each other, so we decided we would need to use a different track.

In the feedback meeting we had with Marianne and Sharon, they expressed that the music would need to be royalty free, since they would be taking the video to a conference in South Africa, and then using it for publicity.

We visited various websites including Jamendo, to find free stock music. We searched with tags like minimal, ambient, soundtrack; but none of these produced songs which really seemed to work.

We found a few tracks which were better, and downloaded these and tested them in our timeline with the footage. We picked the best one, but the tone still wasn’t right for the how we wanted to represent the event. The base is too much, and made the video feel too corporate.




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