Tetley Feast video – editing decisions

  • We added the new voice over into the timeline. We had two versions, so we chose the one which was generally better, but found parts were better in the other one, so we swapped sections around. We cut out all pauses and mistakes.
  • We then restructured the footage in the timeline, changing the order and clip length to illustrate what she was saying in the voice over. We kept the initial opening, and the ending sequence, and put over these Marianne’s introduction bit (what the event was and why) and evaluation sections (how the event went, why it was successful). The rest of the audio described the different groups, and the work students created for them. We placed the clips from the different groups over her description.
  • There were some gaps, where Marianne is talking about things which we didn’t have clips to illustrate in the timeline, these tended to be general comments. I went through the footage and tried to fill these in. This meant borrowing some shots from later parts of the film, and moving it all around so that the shots went in the most appropriate place. Where this was not possible, and the speech was not that important, we cut this out, to also reduce the films duration.

voiceover was quiet,

    so I increased the volume of this, and turned the background music down
  • After all this was done, I cut out the poorer quality shots, and bits of speech in the main film that were not necessary, to reduce the time down from 4 mins 30 to 3 mins 20 secs.
  • Marianne and Sharon wanted us to use the voxpops we got from visitors at the exhibition, and to create a separate film of these to be shown at the conference, almost like testimonials. I went through these and cut bits that weren’t important, and kept the positive comments about the project and exhibitions.




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