Tetley Film – 1st edit

When looking at our footage, we realised we had hundreds of clips, most of which could be used for the edit, so we would have to be quite brutal when deciding what to leave out.

The aim of our editing was to showcase the work produced, and to convey the enjoyment of the community groups and other visitors interacting with and viewing the work.

The way we went about it, was to make a plan of what we needed to show in the video, and then to go through the footage locating clips which did this, then we could select the best ones and put these into the timeline in the structure of the plan.

  • Intro: general shots of people arriving, the decor, crowds, ‘Tetley Feast’ signs etc.
  • Different community groups: The work produced for the group, and then people interacting with/viewing the work.

– Hamara

– Health for all

– Vera Media

– The Hunslet Club

– Richmond Hill Primary School


  • General shots – to be used as fillers to space out the group shots (incl. people, ambience, crowd, and the cake.
  • Ending shots – shots which could be used to summarise the event, and would work well in an ending sequence

I went through the footage following the plan and dragged clips into the timeline that fitted the criteria of the list (following that order). I edited in and out points as many clips were long.


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