Take a Sec – Competition


I chose to enter this competition as one of my live briefs. The deadline is the 26th May.

Did you know there are over 80,000 seconds in a day? Just a few seconds can add up to a huge impact for the environment. In the Take a Second video contest, you are asked to create a 6 to 15 second Vine or Instagram video showcasing how you are taking a few seconds to help the environment by conserving water.

By showing how water conservation is an easy part of everyday life, we can encourage others to do the same! Just think: if 100 million Americans turned off the faucet while brushing their teeth, 292 billion gallons of water could be saved annually!

Share your ideas of conserving water with just a few seconds on Vine or Instagram using the #takeasec hashtag to win some great prizes!

I decided to film for this competition using a 5D Canon, and edit the footage in premiere to get a good quality video. I will then transfer the file to my phone to upload on Vine or Instagram.

I chose this project as it allows me to develop my filming and editing skills while exploring an important issue and trying to create social change.

I chose this as one of my briefs because I do not have to worry about generating an initial idea, and then facing practical issues with my topic, as I did in my HIV video for creative conscience.

The HIV video was quite unsuccessful, I felt like this project would give me another attempt at working on a  similar brief, to improve my skills.


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