Live Projet – Competition Brief : Infographic Research

I realized that with the HIV video, I needed to research ways of organising information visually, as my video would have a lot of facts and figures. Because of the nature of a lot of the information, realistically I wouldn’t be able to film supporting footage e.g 1/4 of people with HIV are not aware, and 3/4 of people living with HIV are homosexual males, and African heterosexuals. I realized that I would probably have to show these using graphics/typography which unfortunately is not my strength.

I did some research into existing infographics reading books to look at ways to visually organize facts and figures creatively. What I found was a lot of interesting diagrams, using key imagery to represent numbers to visually represent amounts of people for example. This gave me a few ideas of how to represent my own figures.

The issue I had however, was that my skill base was tailored to this style of working – I am not very confident with photoshop or illustrator, as I am used to working with live footage of interviews and cut away shots when making a video.


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