Live project – Tetley Feast event video : filming

Zoe, Nic and myself were asked to create a video for the Tetley Feast exhibition. 

I was excited at this opportunity, because it would allow me to develop my more technical filming skills in a controlled environment whilst capturing an exciting event.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Responsive project working with the community groups, so I was looking forward to the event and meeting the other groups, and being able to capture their experience was a real pleasure. 

Before the event began, we came up with a general plan for the days filming:

  • We needed to get shots of every piece of work in the exhibition so we could showcase a bit of everyones projects which were spread over two rooms. We also needed to include capturing the 1st year films on the showreel which was in a separate screening room (we thought that this may be more difficult).
  • We also wanted to record the reactions to each project, from both the group that they were working with (to document their response to the experience of working with the students) and also from other groups (to show the interaction between communities, which is what the Tetley Feast was really about).
  • For this we knew that we would need close up shots of peoples expressions; we wanted to catch people enjoying themselves (smiling, laughing, chatting), and generally engaging with the work. 
  • We also needed to get general shots of the atmosphere – the food, people arriving, the opening of the exhibition, the buzz of the crowd, the decorations.
  • Rachel from 3rd year had created an amazing cake for the exhibition bringing together the different communities. This was going to be a focal point of the exhibition, as it would inevitably draw people’s interest, and so we knew we had to capture peoples reactions to it, as well as the ceremonial cutting!
  • We wanted to capture peoples responses and so planned to try to grab a few brief interviews, or vox-pops from different guests at the event. We were aware this could be challenging due to the layout of the exhibition and the noise levels, so we planned to try to find a quiet location close by
  • We also knew that we needed a general interview from a tutor, explaining the event and the projects, to be played over the footage as a narrative. 

We shared out the filming responsibilities fairly equally, using two cameras we took it in turns to gather the various shots we wanted.

It was really difficult at first because there was a huge crowd of people to begin with filling up both rooms. There was absolutely no room for the camera and filming the people was a challenge as you could not get to a comfortable distance away in order to capture a nice shot. We decided to hold back for a bit to allow the crowds to die down. 

After a while it became easier to film, and we all got some really good shots of people enjoying themselves and interacting with the projects. We also got some really useful footage of people talking to each other, from different groups and to staff and students.

We managed to capture every piece of work on display which was important as this would be the general focus of the structure for the video – we envisioned editing the footage to show the different pieces of work and then people’s reactions to it, broken up by some of the general shots. 

We got so many shots of the cake which was great as it turned out to create a huge buzz from the guests, and the reactions to it were really positive. 

Fortunately the Tetley is a bright building with lots of windows, so the lighting for the shots was good, and the quality ended up being quite crisp. This however was not the case as it gradually got dark, and filming the evening half of the exhibition was not as successful: the shots are darker and more grainy.

We unfortunately were not so successful with our interviews. It was far to loud in all the areas around the rooms, so the audio quality of the few voxpops we managed was poor. We managed to get an interview with one lady from Health for All, in a separate room, but without more responses from other groups it doesn’t seem to be all that useful.

We did get an interview with Marianne, talking about the event and project which was great as she was willing for us to refilm a few times to get it perfectly clear. Initially we framed it at a comfortable distance, but we recorded another version of more detailed information really close up, to get a loud and clear audio. We intend to edit the opening sentence of the first clip, and then play the clearer version over the cut aways of the footage of the event.





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