Live Project – Leeds Health Service video

Our tutor David came to me with an concept for a series of videos for Leeds health service. A contact of his who is part of the new trials wants someone to create a series of short documentaries about new health services that are going to be trialled this year in Leeds. Apparently, it is likely aim of the documentaries will be to document the successes and failures of the strategies, and if they are successful the videos could be used to promote the new ways of providing health care (encouraging people to use them). 

David approached me with this project because I am really interested in making documentaries, and he thought that the videos would take a similar format to my Trolleybus documentary which I created for part of the Visual Literacy project. I like working with interviews, and the videos could well be strongly interview based, for explaining the health service, and gathering the response from those using the services. 

This is a project that I am really excited to be a part of, as I have a strong interest in the issue of healthcare quality and additionally these videos would be a great opportunity to develop my documentary skills further in terms of interview technique and also general skills of organising a project in terms of editing and structure. 

David suggested I work with Zoe East on this project, as I have collaborated with her on previous projects and we work well together. 

Initially we would probably create one video of one service trial, as a kind of pilot to show the clients, and if this works for them then we could go on to create videos for the other different services that are being put into practice.


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