Live Project – Leeds Health Service video (developments)

Since the first discussion with David, he met with the people who are wanting us to create videos documenting the new trials. Apparently they are looking for more of a corporate style of video, with some motion graphics – a bit more slick than what we initially expected. To begin with, we visualised the videos as quite a grassroots style focusing on capturing the true results (positive and negative), however the clients see the videos as being more promotional for the new services. 

This should not be a problem for us, as we shall just have to take a different approach. The plan is to work with a 3rd year graphics based student, who can create the motion graphics that we require, based on how we brief them. This will allow us to keep creative freedom but also to be able to achieve a high quality finish to the video, which is what the clients want.

It is exciting to be able to collaborate with a student of a different practice, as this will allow us to achieve a more succesful video, and the experience will probably be more true to real life where different people work on different aspects of the same project based on their skills, rather than us struggling to cover all of the work to a lower standard.

I look forward to beginning this project and meeting with both the client and the graphics student, and starting to plan with Zoe. 


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