HIV campaign – series videos telling people’s stories

This campaign is one that really interested me. I think it is a successful series because it goes beyond explaining and providing advice about HIV, it deals with real people to lift the stigma, which in turn will help people who suffer from HIV.

The things Tracey mentions in this particular interview (above), are the untold parts of what it must be like to live with the disease. As she mentions towards the end of the video: we can hear as many facts and figures as we like, but a real person’s story and how they have personally coped with their diagnosis is has much more impact.

I would love to approach my video with this angle, but I feel it is not possible as a single film maker to access people who are HIV+ and get them to open up in this way. This video was a series of videos from Florida Department of Health, and as a large organisation they probably have people’s trust. Health conditions, in particular sexual health tends to be very private, and it is all kept confidential, so it does not seem realistic for me. As well as this, I would not want a person to feel exploited by me making this video for a College project, even if it is aiming to create positive change. To avoid these issues I think I will have to take a different approach. 



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