HIV campaign promoting testing

This is another video which used a personal approach to impact the viewer. It addresses the stigma of HIV by showing how people from all walks of life can be affected by the disease, and you would not know it without them saying. They are the types of people you see every day living normal lives. This then introduces the idea to the viewer that just because they are just a normal person doesn’t mean they won’t be effected by HIV, it can effect everyone, therefore they could also be at risk so need to protect themselves or even take a test.

Although I will not be adopting this personal approach for reasons I have mentioned previously, I want to address the idea that everyone could be at risk of HIV, since a lot of people don’t know they have it (almost 1 in 4 are undiagnosed) and it is not physically noticeable (unless a person begins to suffer from AIDS), which means that a person or their partner might already be infected. I think this angle is once which could encourage a person to be tested, or to be more careful to protect themselves from HIV. 


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