Competition Brief: HIV information to include in my video:

what it is
how it is transmitted – through bodily fluids mostly during sexual intercourse or from sharing needles for example when injecting drugs
who is at risk – 3/4 of people who are affected are either gay or bisexual males, or black-african heterosexuals.
amount of people who are affected – in UK about 98,400
amount of people who don’t know they are affected – in 2012 there were 21,900 people who did not know they had HIV
how to find out if you are affected
visiting a clinic – gum clinics or general practices
home testing – available from April 2014 over the counter in pharmacies or online
why home testing? Some people feel more comfortable doing test in privacy of own home,
how to apply for home test – online form or over the counter in pharmacy
who qualifies for free home test – groups most at risk, mentioned above. this is due to lack of funding at the moment meaning cannot afford to provide test to everyone for free. test costs £40 to those who do not fall into these two groups.
where you can apply for test – online through HIV charity websites or pharmacy websites (Lloyds)
how to do the test & get results – Test comes in unlabelled package, it is available as a blood or saliva test, prick finger or take swab of saliva. Pack test back up and post back to lab. Results will be sent back to you within 1-2 weeks after analysis, with relevant support and info about next steps.
what happens if you are HIV positive
treatment – various treatments available to help people live a healthy and happy life
support available – organisations such as Terrance Higgins trust provide support in many forms, also financial support through health benefits which are provided if necessary.
where you can access more information
links to websites – NHS, HIV-aware
links to charities & organisations – Terrance Higgins trust


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