Live Project Plan

1. What do you want to gain from the live project?
More experience working on briefs with clients, to help build a portfolio. I want to experience working on varying styles of video – promotional, filming live events, documentary style, informative etc.

2. What are your ideas for the competition brief?
I would like to make a video but I am having trouble with ideas of how to communicate the issues I care about in this way. Issues I am passionate about include:
- Mental Health /Depression. Challenging the stigma of mental health issues / informative style video talking about symptoms and how to recognize them, possibly a video supporting Samaritans charity, advertising the support that is available?
Promoting over the counter HIV tests – (end of 2012 approx 21,900 people living with HIV were unaware of their condition, and 47% of people who were diagnosed were classified as late) New in 2014 opportunity to get home HIV tests purchased in pharmacies. Could make an informative video/stop motion encouraging people who may be at risk to get tested.
People living on benefits – challenging the negative stigma created by the media. Maybe addressing the issue of how health disabilities are assessed by people with a lack of knowledge of the conditions, and how this has lead people to be living in poverty whilst coping with health conditions. A video aiming to encourage people to challenge the current system and promote better training?

3. What Client / Practice briefs are you proposing to do?
Applied with Zoe to film a Dentistry conference/event on the 28th March. We have had a response asking about the timings from her but are waiting for her to confirm she would like us to do it.
David suggested filming a series of videos for Leeds health service/home-care, because they are trialling new strategies of homecare and want it documented as a video/series of videos. I’ve accepted but am just waiting for David to get back to me with details of when this would be. I would probably be working with Zoe again and collaborating with someone who can do motion graphics for the videos.
I intend to contact local charities/organizations to see if there is any promotional filming I can do for them. I may start by asking Hamara if there are any upcoming events they would like captured? Need to find others orgs I could contact.
I may set my own brief based on other issues that I’ve considered for the competition brief?

4. How will you consider the potential impact of proposed designs on the real world?
When working with clients I will respond to what they require the film for, how they intend to use it and who the audience will be.
For the competition brief I want to create something that could possibly be circulated on social media, or by various organizations to promote positive change.

5. How are you going to structure your time?
From now until 28th March (the deadline) I will work on the competition brief. This is also the date of the dentistry event, so if we work on this, then I will spend a couple of days editing afterwards. Then I will focus my time on the Health videos (if this happens) and organize any projects for organizations or personal briefs around this.

What research do you need to undertake?
I need to do more technical research into sound recording (of live events) and using the XD camera. I will do research of different styles of promotional film, as well as other ways of presenting the information e.g. different ways of showing statistics/data maybe using Mozilla Popcorn? As well as specific research into organizations and issues. 


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