First Live Project Tutorial

In my tutorial with Sharon, we discussed the types of projects I will work on during this module. I intend to work on lots of small projects, to build up more variety in my portfolio of work, to help me get placements in summer.

I intend to focus my attention at the moment on the competition brief, as the deadline for this is coming up (28th March). I plan to create an interactive documentary, compiling facts, figures and statistics as well as a variety of visuals to illustrate an issue.

Sharon helped me narrow down my ideas, I will pursue the HIV testing idea, because it is probably the most interesting/unique of the three. The issue of depression/mental health is perhaps too much of a challenge with this time frame, as it could be difficult to access people who have experienced this, or to get in contact with charities such as Samaritans. The same applies to the issue of benefits (I wanted to challenge the negative stigma created by the media, that surrounds people receiving them).

Wanting to create an interactive documentary, I plan to use Mozilla popcorn which was mentioned in a lecture from Emma Augusita we received during the Tetley project. I found this way of working really interesting and exciting, compiling live data and links to produce a video that was full of information in different formats. I think this could work well with the HIV test issue that I want to explore, allowing me to illustrate the information in a variety of ways, and letting me branch off from the documentary format I have gotten used to – interviews and cut away supporting shots. This will take a lot of pressure off, meaning I don’t have to source interviews and directly relevant footage which might be difficult in this time frame.

I am contemplating experimenting with stop-motion to create interesting visuals to back up the statistics. I could mix this up with found footage, as well as my own, and compile this with links to websites, data, images and social media surrounding the issue.

Sharon showed me this interactive documentary as a starting point for ideas, and as inspiration for the style of video I could create:

She advised me to think about the story/narrative visually, as info graphics rather than a straightforward documentary, more like a story board of information than a film.

Before the group tutorial next week:
– Review existing material surrounding the issue (videos on youtube, posters, info graphics)
– Research and compile more statistics
– Look at Mozilla popcorn, and research more about what it will allow me to do


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