11 (editing)

editing 2


We spent about two weeks solidly editing. Initially I just organized the footage into folders and selected the best clips and edited in and out points.
We organized the editing by breaking the footage down into the different groups. I found it best to watch the interviews for each section first, and pick out all the good bits and delete any pauses or mumbling to cut it down as much as possible. Once we had a concise audio we could then move around the different clips on the time line to create a sequence. We did this for: youth group, elder people, sewing group, HALO, general shots, and cafe. In a new sequence we cut Arif’s interview into sections and reshuffled the parts to create a strong narrative. We then dropped the individual group sequences into the timeline over Arif’s interview and created gaps for the other interviews with staff.

It took me and Jo a long time to reduce the length of the film down. We had to be really critical with our decisions, cutting out anything which didn’t directly promote Hamara in an obvious way.


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