Soundtrack Research

Micaela found this really good website which allows you to search for instrumental songs based on genre or emotion, called

She sifted through a lot of them and found some that could work for the video. Joanna initially thought we could use the music that Hamara plays for the Tai Chi class, which is like slowed down versions of popular songs. However this could come across a bit too cheesy, and slightly down beat. We wanted to use something positive/inspirational but not too high tempo. 

The track we chose was called ‘Leap of Faith’ by Terry Devine-King. We sort of thought we’d heard it before somewhere but we couldn’t place it. Its a little bit cheesy, but its uplifting and positive which is what we wanted and it builds up as it goes along.

The only issue is that it is only 2mins 11secs and our video is probably going to be at least 3mins long, so we will have to try to extend it which may be a challenge.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 00.02.25


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