Filming women’s sewing group and interviewing Arif

Friday 31st Jan – (Mary, Azza, Micaela).

Today we went to the sewing group again and captured shots of the women working together on the banner between Trinity Network (a local british elders group) and Hamara. We tried to capture shots of the two groups working together, sharing ideas and discussing to show the collaboration. We also got shots of the women helping each other on sewing machines, in particular the older women showing some of the younger women what to do. The light conditions this day were not that good, which meant the shots were quite dark, hopefully this can be corrected during editing.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 18.46.07

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 18.45.59

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 18.45.44

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 18.45.35
Although the ladies were comfortable being filmed, they did not want to have interviews, so we arranged just an interview with the woman who runs the group.

The interview setting was in one of the health consulting rooms, as it was the only quiet room available. In hindsight we could have set up the room better, and framed her so that she was looking across the shot with a nicer backdrop. I positioned her by the window to get the natural light on her face. She answers the questions interestingly, however they were not worded that well, lots of ‘umm’s which means that this could be difficult to edit concisely. We definitely have a few good points to put into the video though, which will support the footage of the group we have collected.

We then went to interview Arif to gather the main voiceover for the video. His interview will provide most of the information about Hamara, and the groups, with supporting comments from other staff members. Therefore it was important to capture this well. Unfortunately Arif was quite unwell and this affected the quality of the interview. He was not quite as happy and vibrant as usual and this may have shown in the footage. The answers were good but not really positive enough, so we may need to return and re ask some of the questions. Again the framing was a bit off, the background was not very appealing. We could definitely have done this better. At least we have and initial voiceover, and a good idea of the types of footage we will need to show. We can use this interview as a provisional one when editing, and then ask the same questions again to get similar responses to replace it.  



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