Tutorial and Planning the week

Mon 27th Jan –  (Mary, Azza, Bea, Jo)

In our tutorial with Sharon we discussed our progress so far. 

This week we need to create a storyboard and plan the structure of the film so we can start editing properly.

We need to review our footage and make a note of shots that we are missing so we can pick them up this week.

When needing to film people who don’t want to be on screen we could get Arif to talk to them first, just film their hands or the back of their heads.

We need to film the sewing group when they go on their walk, this would be a good opportunity to get contrasting footage of nature and open spaces. 

Need to film the minibus in use, from a range of angles e.g. people getting on, bus driving away etc. 

Need to collect the main interview with Arif (towards the end of the week after getting I/Vs with other staff, because he can cover any points that they didn’t mention)

We need to check our existing I/Vs are clear enough, if not we need to refilm. 

We should bring the footage we have to our next tutorial for Sharon to review, along with our storyboard and structure plan.

After our tutorial we made a list of shots we still need to get this week:

I/V with Arif

Sewing group – walking and making banner

I/V with receptionist (about the benefits of Hamara)

Group I/V with active lifestyle class

Minibus shots

Community cafe in use

General shots of people enjoying themselves at Hamara (close ups of expressions)

Voxpops from Sunday mens group 



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