Editing in and out points

Mon 27th Jan –  (Mary)

After the group meeting I went to the AV suite to review the footage so far to start getting rid of any clips we don’t need, highlighting the good ones and editing the in and out points so that we have a smaller portion of footage to sift through when we start focusing on editing. I created different sequences for the different groups we filmed, to organize the footage and make it more manageable. I dropped the various clips with the new in and out points into the appropriate sequence, so they are easy to find.  

I noticed that the footage we filmed of the mens group on Sunday must have been in the wrong format (not 1080p) which means that when it is put into the timeline the visuals are really small and do not fill the screen. This means we will have to enlarge the image reducing the quality, or present two images at the same time on a split screen. We still have time to film more of the mens group, so we can get some alternative footage if we need to, and just use the interviews with new footage as cut aways. 



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