Filming the Mens Social Group

Sun 26th Jan – (Mary, Azza, Bea)

Bea, Azza and I went to the group in the evening, expecting an informal gathering. What we found was an official council meeting for South Leeds Association. They were holding elections and voting on different aspects, which got a bit heated!

We filmed this anyway, as it added another interesting angle of the types of services Hamara provides, and we got a few interesting shots.

We spoke to the group afterwards when they sat down to eat and socialize, and it was nice to find that they were really interested in what we were doing and were very keen to be interviewed. After the meal we set up an interview scene but everyone wanted to be involved so we ended up with a really wide shot of the whole group! We had to crop people out during close ups of the interview, which created strange looking shots but it was nice to show the whole group together rather than just a person speaking on their own. 

We asked them to talk about:

What the group is

What happens at the meetings

What do you usually discuss?

Why do you have these meetings?

Why is it important to discuss community issues together like this?

There were a couple of problems during the interview, with one person’s phone ringing half way through, and people muddling up the term ‘building bridges between communities’ with ‘breaking bridges between communities’. We can always go back and re-film parts if necessary.  


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