Womens Sewing Group

Fri 24th Jan – (Mary and Jo) 

Jo and I went along to the sewing group which turned out to be a collaboration of two older women’s groups: one Aisian ladies group from Hamara and one from Trinity Network (a neighboring community centre consisting mainly of British people). 

We decided not to film the group today, because a) they were not in their usual room so could not set out their sewing machines etc. and b) we hadn’t met them before so we wanted to make sure they were comfortable with us before we brought cameras out – because in other groups the older Asian women were quite sensitive to being filmed. 

We spent the session talking with them about what they do, kinds of projects they work on,  and learnt that it is used as an informal social group where the ladies can bring in any sewing or knitting they are working on, and do it together. They also work on collaborative pieces between the two groups, and are currently making two banners in the same style, to illustrate the two communities coming together.  

Jo and I agreed it would be great to get footage of all these aspects of the group, the relaxed social atmosphere with them all chatting, them helping each other, working on the banners, etc. We will try to get some voxpops with the group members of why they enjoy coming to the group, as well as an interview with the woman who runs the session telling us about their projects. 


Here is a shot of todays curry that we were given for lunch…



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