Filming Tai Chi and Interview with the instructor

Wed 22nd Jan – (Mary, Jo, Bea, Micaela) 

We went along to the Tai Chi class. It is part of Hamara’s active lifestyle scheme which looks after older people, keeping them fit and healthy.

Using two cameras we filmed them doing the different exercises from various angles. We had to make sure not to film certain ladies who had requested not to be in the film.

We noticed that the music that was playing in the background could work well as the music for our video, as it was kind of uplifting but relaxed versions of popular songs. It could come across a bit cheesy though, so we may need to research alternatives.


Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 18.49.02

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 18.48.24

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 18.48.03

The class is led by one of the active lifestyle group members who is also a qualified martial arts instructor. After the session we got an interview with him. We planned questions including: 

Introduce your role in teaching the class

What kind of atmosphere do the sessions have?

What kinds of exercises are involved?

Are they tailored to older people? 

Does the class cater for all abilities?

Mention how the class focuses on enjoyment (through humour)

I took charge of interviewing, and planned the questions based on the sorts of things we needed to be said in the video. We discussed with him before the interview the kind of things he wanted to say, and then I wrote the questions based on that and used them as prompts to get help him communicate.

From previous experience I made sure to ask him to keep to short sentences, and pause in between phrases to make the I/V easier to edit.

One of the problems we had was that the answers he gave were too long, and included information that was not relevant for an overall Hamara video. There was a lack of pauses which means that it could be hard to edit. 

Noticing this, we asked him to summarize his previous statements into key points, so we had a shorter version. This seemed to work well and these answers were more usable. 

We also filmed a few general shots including:

the exterior of the building

the Hamara sign

the surrounding area (streets)

the roof terrace



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