Planning and Organization

Mon 20th Jan (Mary, Jo, Azza, Micaela)

We had a tutorial with Sharon and established that we need to bring a camera (with mic) along to all sessions we attend at Hamara so we don’t miss out on opportunities to show positive aspects of Hamara and to collect useful interviews/voxpops. We were concerned that people would not feel comfortable, but we can always introduce the cameras later in the session when people have got used to us being there.

We discussed how we would allow the video to be used by people who don’t speak english (as requested by Arif). We think maybe we can show the translation on screen in subtitles? or get Arif to give a voiceover. 

After the tutorial we compiled a list of general shots to gather this coming week. This includes:

Exterior of building

Location and surrounding areas

Minibus (in use)

Community cafe (in use)

Outdoor terrace

Hamara sign

Gym (in use)


IT suite

Beeston park (filmed on ladies walk)

Function room when being used for sports

We created a plan for the week:

Tues – Active Lifestyle + Nia excercise group

Wed – Tai Chi class

Fri- Womens sewing group

Sun – Mens group

This week we will try to meet all he groups and film as much as possible of what is generally going on, as well as the shots from our general list (above). Next week we will focus on getting interviews and voxpops when people are more comfortable. 

We also decided to rearrange our group responsibilities. Currently I was corresponding with Arif and organizing with him when we should be attending various classes. Joanna was the overall group organizer however, and so it made sense if she was in communication with Arif rather than me so she took over this responsibility, and we agreed that I would be more in charge of planning the content of the film, and organizing what needed to be captured as I made a documentary in the past module. 


Here is the original time table Joanna created, and an amended version with some tweaks:



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