Cultural Consumption: Task 4

Organise or take part in a quiz:

I originally had planned to go to The Nation of Shopkeeper’s pub quiz, but was unable to, so as an alternative I found a quiz online, about cinema.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 02.13.45

To begin with I thought it was too easy, but as you progressed through the levels it became more and more difficult. There was a timer running for each round so you had to make the decisions pretty quickly – this also meant that there was no way of cheating!

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 02.25.41

You had to score at least 7/10 in each round in order to progress to the next level. I only made it to level 10 out of 20. Towards the end I was beginning to guess things. The questions I seemed to get wrong were about sci-fi and action films, about which actors were in them etc.

This made me realise that I often shy away from certain genres of film, based on presumptions about them. I have only seen a small selection of cult action movies, however a lot of my favourite films are in this genre. I also usually avoid sci-fi, because I have seen some poor quality films and not enjoyed them – however I am sure there are some really great ones out there.

This task has made me want to broaden my interests when it comes to film genres; I intend to watch some of the more acclaimed sci-fi and action films, with an open mind.


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