Cultural Consumption: Task 25

Review an international blog:

For this task I reviewed Amnesty International’s global human rights blog ‘Livewire’ an online version of their monthly magazine ‘Wire’.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 01.51.25

It is a really great source of information regarding human rights news, all over the world. It is regularly updated, and archives issues providing a wealth of information to anybody who is interested in campaigning for human rights. There are a variety of different writers contributing to the blog, as well as posts from Amnesty’s news team.

There are some really shocking stories amongst the posts, from conditions in Syria, to homophobic atrocities in varying corners of the world, which are carried out under ‘anti-gay’ laws.

Reading the blog helps me understand the reality of situations in other countries which are not reported by the mainstream media. I have learnt in task 28, that newspapers and other media filter their content in order to portray a particular view or to encourage readers to think in certain ways – often not in the best interests of the public. A lot of our media seems to only consider how news relates to us in Britain, because this is what a lot of readers are interested in. Amnesty International’s blog however seeks to inform people of circumstances which may not effect them. It aims to show these people the unpolished truth, in order to defend vulnerable people’s human rights.

One criticism I have of the WordPress powered blog, is that it is not very easy to find a link to ‘Follow’ the blog: I couldn’t locate one myself. This was disappointing because it would have been great to be able to be updated with information automatically as it is posted. Regardless of this, I intend to visit the site regularly, to read the latest posts about world issues.


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