Cultural Consumption: Task 24

Do something different (you decide):

For this task I chose to attend a Creative Networks event, at LCA because I hadn’t been to one before. I went to see Jamal Edwards in conversation. 

Having admired his success for a while I was really excited to hear him discuss how he has progressed through the music and media industry, launching his own youtube channel and music label ‘SBTV’.

Motivated from a very young age, Jamal is a great example of how you can earn success through determination, self belief and hard work. He talked about his tactics and methods of establishing himself in the industry. For example he discussed how he used social networking to create contacts in the industry, by following people on Twitter who had the sorts of job he wanted, finding out email addresses and engaging in discussions with people.

He also mentioned how he overcame certain struggles in the process, for example being rejected, not having the resources and feeling like his work not as high quality as others. I found like I could relate a lot to the things he was saying and found it really interesting to hear how he progressed forwards in spite of the difficulties.


I purchased his book afterwards, which explains more of the things he discussed at the event in further detail. It focusses on developing yourself, to be able to succeed at what you want to do. It could apply to anything, however it is really relevant to my practice being interested in television, documentary and film. The book features a variety of tasks and challenges which you can engage in to build up your own self improvement. These are things like

  • Setting up a Twitter and interacting with professionals working in the industry you are interested in.
  • Putting your work out there on online platforms like your own website, blog, and continuing to show it to the public.
  • Talking to people you meet who are interested or working in similar situations to yourself.

I have never been keen on Twitter, but I set one up anyway, and put a few posts up about previous videos I have made. I also started following people who work in film/television. For example I began following people who have worked for ‘4Thought’ debate program. A few of these people followed me back, and favourited things I had posted which was really great. After Vis LIt 1, I posted my Trolleybus documentary on Twitter with a few hashtags and received positive responses from followers as well as residents of Leeds.

Doing all of this, has really helped me begin to interact with people in the industry and has improved my confidence in putting my own work out there. 


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