Cultural Consumption: Task 19

Visit a religious building:

For this task I visited the Mosque on Royal Park Road, in Hyde Park. It is really close to where I live, and I can see it from my window, but have never really been up close.

Image 5Image 2Image 3Image 4

It would have been really good to have gone in to see people using it, and to have a look at what it looks like inside, having never been in one before. Unfortunately it was late in the evening, and we were unsure of when it was open, but would be interesting to do this in the future.

I am particularly interested in exploring religion more through my work:

  • For my current project I am producing a promotion video for Hamara – an organisation which supports ethnic minorities.  A large majority of the people who we use the organisation are Muslim and so it would be good to know a little bit more about their religion, as we will be spending a lot of time interacting with these people.
  • Additionally, for my COP essay I produced a Hijab style scarf, in protest against bans of the Hijab that are affecting women, particularly in France. I became quite interested in the argument of Feminist Muslims, who feel as if they are stereotyped based on their choice of religious dress, with people assuming they are oppressed.

It would definitely help me in future to have a better understanding of the religion which I am exploring in my work, rather than just producing pieces based on my own limited knowledge. 


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