Cultural Consumption: Task 12

Watch a TV political debate programme:

I watched BBC’s ‘This Week’ – The benefits debate, which aired on 9th January.

You can watch it here:

Katie Hopkins features in the show, as usual displaying her controversial opinions. I find it exhausting, but not surprising that she continues to feature on popular television programmes; her extreme viewpoints create a strong reaction from viewers, and obviously this improves the programmes ratings.


I think this is a problem though, because it doesn’t seem to create well rounded discussion, instead it causes a ridiculous argument between the public. Hopkins frequently undermines various viewpoints by making hers as shocking as possible, so the meaning is effectively lost because she causes so much anger. I am not saying I agree with her in any way, however it would be more of a stimulating debate if these programmes featured a less closed-minded individual; someone who is willing to engage in a discussion.

I also found this task interesting from a filming point of view. Having researched a lot about interview technique in the first part of Visual Literacy, it was interesting to see how ‘This Week’ structures the debate, which in this episode got quite heated. I also payed a lot of attention to camera angles, and cutting between different shots to make the studio set up appear more visually interesting.

Overall I would say I didn’t enjoy this task, because I found it hard to watch Hopkins on the show. I did however find it interesting by paying attention to the filming and editing of the programme. 


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