Cultural Consumption: Task 10

Go to an independent gallery exhibition:

For this task I thought it would be silly not to blog about the Tetley, where we had our Vis Com ‘Just for Starters’ exhibition, showcasing our Visual Literacy work.


I thought that the building itself was so impressive: it has been renovated keeping lots of really interesting original features such as the old lift, and huge space showing the stairwell, with windows providing a lot of natural light.

The exhibition that was at the Tetley showcased a variety of pieces that are relevant to the history of the building. Original signs painted gold and stacked on top, a collection of old keys for the building, positioned on one of the original fireplaces, as well as old advertising posters for Tetley beer. I thought that it was nice to be able to see artifacts from the building, that are in keeping with the building’s original purpose.



IMG_1479  IMG_1475IMG_1473

In terms of our own exhibition, I thought it was really successful. The curatorial team had done a brilliant job showcasing our work, and had transformed the space really nicely. We had seen the space during briefings and lectures, and I thought it had been really nicely organised, working with the space to exhibit each piece of work to its full potential. With a large cinema style seating area around the showreel, the rest of the space meant that the flow of people was concentrated to other half of the room displayed the physical pieces. This created a nice atmosphere, as viewers were discussing the pieces rather than viewing them alone with wide areas of space. In particular I thought Fran’s hanging scarves were shown really well – draped over a tree trunk suspended from the ceiling.

It was really good to see people watching my documentary, which was displayed on a monitor along with Zoe’s documentary, and the audio was played through headphones. I felt this worked well as our films were both quite long, and based around interviews which wouldn’t have worked as well on the big showreel, which showed more of the abstract-art films, which had music audios – this provided the background sound for the overall exhibition but did not detract from other people’s work.

I really enjoyed the experience of exhibiting work at the Tetley, and feel like the building has been successfully transformed into a great gallery space.



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