Cultural Consumption: Task 26



Cook a meal inspired by a book or film

Although I sometimes like to try, I am not a particularly good cook. For this task however, rather than ruin something potentially delicious, I decided to not punch above my weight.

Taking inspiration from a fellow bad cook – Bridget Jones, in the film ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ (2001), I decided to recreate the terrible soup that she made for her own birthday dinner.

Bridget tries to make a potato and leek soup, tying the leeks together with string following the instructions of her cookbook. Unfortunately she chooses blue string.


IMG_1808 IMG_1804

I added a dash of blue food colouring to a standard bowl of potato and leek soup, until it reached the desired shade. My soup looks equally as terrible as Bridget’s, if not worse. Thankfully the taste was not affected, meaning I could still enjoy my dinner.



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