Cultural Consumption: Task 9

Go to an international supermarket and try a food you have not eaten before

Image 6

I went to the international supermarket in Hyde Park, ‘Abu Bakar’. They had a huge range of different, mostly Asian foods. I was a bit overwhelmed for choice, it was pretty hard to decide.

I bought some grapes and a coconut (which of course I’d had before) just because all of their fresh produce looked so good and was so cheap – the coconut only cost me 30p!

The item I bought, which I’d never tried before, was this Mango Lassi yoghurt drink. I decided to try it, because my friend went to India last year, and said that they sell it everywhere and its delicious. I think the Lassi she had was home made; traditionally its a mixture of yoghurt, spices and fruit. This one was pretty standard – just mango flavour but it was still really nice.


The experience was really good. They sold a lot of unusual items, and there was a butchers and a fresh produce section – and it was all good value. It was also just two roads away from my house so was really convenient. I will definitely shop here again, rather than shopping only at big chain supermarkets. 


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