Monday visit

Mon 13th Jan – (Mary and Amelia)

On Monday I visted Hamara with Amelia from 1st year, to discuss the project in further detail with Arif, and other Hamara staff.

We discussed the interviews to be involved in the film; Arif volenteered to be the voice over.
Arif mentioned that he wanted the voice over to be translated into different languages, and different films produced to cater for people who’s first language is not English.
Arif wanted us to showcase the different facilities whilst they are in use. We agreed to communicate through emails, so that he can arrange for people to be using facilities when we film.
We discussed consent forms. We will bring to bring these into the center on our next visit (Wednesday). These need to be signed by members (and by the carers of the Halo group) before we can film.
We think we should focus on the 3 main groups; Youth, Halo, Health, but also showcase the other groups and activities that take place within the organization.
Talking to the HALO staff, we noted that it would be nice to show the healthy activities they do: including walks in the park, tennis and cricket.
One HALO staff member mentioned that there were some birthdays that were coming up amongst members, and that it might be nice to show how these are celebrated in the organization.
Unfortunately we missed the Community Awards which takes place in December. showcasing individuals achievements and the work Hamara does. We were informed that we could however use some of their photos from this event as still images within the film, which would be nice to show as the video’s targets potential funders
We collected a timetable that showed all their activities, and we highlighted ones which Arif suggested could be particularly good to show on the film, this included:

Women’s sewing group, Men’s social group, Meals in the community cafe, Tai Chi, Gym, Active lifestyle group meetings


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