About Hamara

Hamara is a community-based organisation, which started in 1995 as a place to provide advice on welfare. It has since then evolved due to community needs, and now supports ethnic minorities in Leeds, mostly servicing the Asian community, but also caters for eastern Europeans who have settled in Leeds.

Current funding comes from the Leeds City Council, as an institution for those who have come from day-care centres, to provide them with a supportive and caring environment.

Hamara runs several groups within their organisation, specialising for different needs;

Halo (health, achievement, learning and opportunities’)
The Halo group began to provide a secure and loving environment for people with learning disabilities, who have come from daycare institutions. This supports both the person and their carer, who can feel confident the person is in a caring environment.

Older women’s and mens groups
Provides social groups, as well as services which help educate people, enabling them to stay healthy and prevent illness and injury, and providing practical help.

Health Group
Aiming to target health equalities in the Beeston area which has a 10% shorter life expectancy than surrounding areas.

Youth Groups & suplimentary school
as well as various other groups


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