Cultural Consumption: Task 3

Play a board game

For the task I played scrabble with a friend.

I hadn’t actually played scrabble properly before, so I was not particularly good at it.

My intention was to try and relate it to the course, by only making words that were relevant to Vis Com, e.g. social issues, words associated with types of visual practice, aspects about learning, topics of interest to me.

Unfortunately this was a lot easier said than done, and I didn’t have much luck with my letters, making it difficult to make average words, let alone relating to Vis Com.

I enjoyed playing it all the same, and trying to find words relating to the course was an exercise in itself, even if it was unsuccessful.

I would definitely like to keep playing as it was entertaining, and maybe once I get better I can start to try and choose words about a specific topic.

IMG_1374  IMG_1376

IMG_1377  IMG_1372



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