Extra footage used

Due to filming in mid-winter, I found it challenging to capture the outdoor seating area in good use. The only people who were using it were smoking, whereas in summer it is a general social area, and is used for live art.


This is a point made by the students and staff interviewed, that the area is a really important space, and temporarily taking this away from students would have a very negative effect on college enjoyment and quality of artwork/exhibitions.

I didn’t want to illustrate this strong point, with weak footage that undermines what the area is used for. Rather than not have any additional visuals Tom and I agreed it would be good to use footage from the film of College’s end of year show 2013 ‘This is not the end’. There was a piece of live art in the outdoor area, which was captured beautifully on film in slow motion (the piece involved coloured powder paints being thrown at a student).


Tom contacted the marketing team at LCA and requested to use scenes from the film for our documentary defending college’s facilities, which they agreed to. I edited this into the documentary in the appropriate place.

As well as the live art footage, I found some useful shots of students work, members of the public at the exhibition, and the Mayor opening the exhibition and looking at students work. These all seemed to be good visuals to play over Dave Russell’s interview (director of education), where he talks about how LCA students contribute to the city’s culture and engage the community in their work. I didn’t have any first hand footage which was relevant, so this was very helpful, and I edited it into the timeline as well.


I thought that featuring the Mayor in the film would visually demonstrate LCA engaging with the community, and also the Mayor’s support of LCA students, which may add extra authority to the college’s arguments.

Of course, I made sure to credit that the footage taken from the end of year show video, at the end of my film, however I did know know the name of the student who had produced the video so could not specifically mention him.


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