Adding Screen Shots

From watching news style films, I noted that to support the points or arguments made in interviews / voice over, not only did they have first hand footage, they also used a variety of other sources to back up the points.

This ranged from online articles, websites, still images, archive imagery, footage which had been sent in by public, social media feeds etc.

news snow

This contributes to the factual style of the films, they show that the message is supported by a lot of evidence from a variety of sources, which demonstrates that it is a well researched issue, and makes whatever is being communicated seem stronger.

I decided to follow this approach myself, to strengthen my own argument, illustrating that the trolleybus is objectively a bad idea, and that the video is not just based on opinion, but also backed up by many sources of information.

It was also a helpful way of providing visuals for parts of interview that I was incapable of illustrating through my own footage.

To illustrate the point made by Bill McKinnon, explaining that the technology the council are proposing is completely outdated, I found archive images of Trolleybuses dating back to the 1930s. The grainy black and white/sepia images show old fashioned buses either in Leeds, or neighbouring cities. I thought this would have an impact on the viewer because it visually communicates how absurd it is to take us back to this old technology.


I went on to contrast this with imagery of electronic battery buses, as Dawn Jones explains this as an alternative. Seeing these alternatives on screen, operating in other cities successfully, may help the viewers at the enquiry visualise other systems working in Leeds, and that the trolleybus is not the only option.




Dawn goes on to mention how in the current economy, there are community problems that should be resolved such as leisure centres, schools, and other services that have been shut down, yet the Leeds City Council are having to produce £77million pounds for a traffic system which is mostly opposed by the people they are hoping will use it. I went through the Yorkshire Evening Post archives, to pull articles about services closing in Leeds. I put a few in, cut quite quickly to the same pace she mentions them. Although the viewer cannot read the text, the bold headline is clearly visible. These were useful in covering up cuts in the interview, where I had trimmed pauses and filler words to reduce the duration of the film.


Bill mentions that an unsuccessful Park & Ride already exists in Leeds, and this system won’t work for the Trolleybus because of ample parking in the centre (one of the Councils main arguments for the bus). To support this, as I hadn’t the time to film the existing P&R I found an article which basically sums up why it is unsuccessful, to bring this fact to the viewers attention.


In certain places I added articles and images about trolleybus protests going on, to emphasise the amount of negative reaction to the plans and to reiterate that the local people who they want to use their trolleybus absolutely do not want it.



Below are some screen shots which I gathered but did not end up using:

39 3738  19



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