Beginning to edit

To begin the edit, I dropped all of the interview footage into the timeline. It started out as 28 minutes long, and I needed to condense it all down to just 3.

This was easy enough to begin with, just chopping out every break in speech, and anything that was obviously unnecessary or which was phrased poorly. I sliced around each decent point so that I would be able to see them clearly on the timeline, and be able to change the structure.

I then had to consider the purpose of the film, it needs to be a video which persuades a sceptical audience at the public enquiry. The viewers will be the people who are hoping to go ahead with the Trolleybus scheme, and so they will be watching from a critical point of view. Therefore the points included all have to be very strong in order for the overall video not to seem petty.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 20.56.24

After a tutorial with David, I began to see that the arguments within the film are not hugely persuasive on their own. Overall there are a lot of negatives to the proposal, but no one strong factor which is an obvious reason (to those in favour) why they should change the plan. It is not that the individual points are not strong, its just the delivery of the points via the editing needs to emphasise the quantity of negatives because there is no big shock factor within the film.


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