Filming more cut away shots

Following on from interviews with the senior management team at LCA, and local residents,   I went to film extra cut away shots to illustrate their points. I decided to go to Headingly where there will be a lot of impact, and also where there are a lot of independent (and some international) businesses which will be affected by the plans.

My list of shots I wanted to film included:

  • Revisit Hyde Park corner and get footage of independent businesses which will be affected.
  • Businesses in Headingly – cafes, shops, bars that will be affected.
  • People using these businesses and shops – going in and out
  • Headingly ‘arc’ centre – bars and restaurants
  • The busy junction in Headingly which is always congested (will be made worse by trolleybus priority at traffic lights).

Tom came with me to help out, carrying equipment and choosing shots.



  • The light was better this day, and the shots I captured were of a higher quality than the previous attempts to film.
  • We came across an old building that was boarded up, but once looked like it could have been a school or library of some kind. I decided to get some footage of it, because in the residents interview Dawn makes a point which could be supported by it. She says that in the current economic crisis, with schools, hospitals and libraries etc closing, there are much more beneficial ways to spend the £77million pounds that the council will have to provide to the project. I thought it might be a useful cut away shot.


  • At ‘Arc’ in Headingly there were a couple of international businesses. The residents mentioned how large multi national businesses may be benefitting from the trolleybus plans but not the independent ones. I thought a shot of some big businesses may be a good cut away.


  • I filmed the busy junction as planned, and this went well because there was a constant tail back of traffic, including buses. This will be a useful shot to put in when the residents talk about how Trolleybus priority at junctions will make congestion worse for other traffic, including normal bus services, whose journey times will increase.



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