Interviewing residents plan

Shortly after meeting with LCA’s Senior management team, we met with Dawn Jones, and Bill McKinnon who are part of the ‘Stop the Trolley bus’ Facebook group.

Tom had arranged for them to come into college so we could speak to them on camera, to get their opinions on why the proposal should not go ahead.

We felt the residents were the most important people to speak to, as they are the ones who will be most affected by the plans, and both Dawn and Bill had shown a high level of engagement in the protesting against the proposal, so they would be persuasive voices in the documentary.

(Insert emails here)

Prior to the interview, we prepared a set of prompts to help them put across the important points, that we felt were the strongest arguments against the plans, and ones which would help them put across their own views, and those of other locals. They were as follows:

  • Introduce yourselves, and roughly the area you live in which will be affected by the plans.
  • How you think the trolley bus will affect residents personally. Could include environmental issues, economic disadvantages etc.
  • How you think it will affect specific parts of the area, give examples.
  • How you think it will affect the community in general – loss of greenspace and trees, loss of businesses (and jobs), travel and congestion issues (mention the problems construction will cause the area.
  • Mention viable alternatives to the trolleybus, and why they are more suitable. E.g electric buses, trams, cycle lane improvements.
  • Any other general concerns over the proposal.

Tom had come across some figures of alternatives which could be put in place for the same cost of the Trolleybus proposal. We noted this down incase the residents didn’t have ¬†alternative solutions to mind. This included:

1,500 standard double decker buses or 1,000 hybrid double decker buses or 800 electric double decker buses or 90 top of the range trams.


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