Evaluating interview of Senior staff

I had planned out some prompts that would probably cover what I felt the staff should talk about during the interview, although Tom and I agreed that they may not need them, but it would be good for us to have a crib sheet to check that they had covered all the important aspects.

Tom read the questions/prompts out, whilst I operated the two cameras. We decided to have him sat in between but close to the two cameras, opposite Simone and David who were sat on a sofa, so that they did not look directly down the camera lens, which some people find off putting, and also tends to look unnatural.

8 7

What went wrong?

  • The lighting in the board room was quite dark despite all the lamps and windows. It didn’t look that bad on the camera’s screen view but once uploaded onto the computer was clear that it was too dark, and the footage was quite grainy because of a high ISO to compensate. This will have to be manipulated in video effects when editing, to correct the visuals.
  • I had difficulty matching the ISO and white balance settings on the two cameras. One camera continued to reset itself once in shooting video mode. Therefore the footage does not match visually, which may cause issues when editing.
  • When Simone was speaking, her answers were long, and she did not pause very much between sentences. There is a 3 minute time limit, so a lot will have to be cut out. The lack of natural pauses could make the audio sound jumpy once cut. This could have been prevented if we had asked her to answer concisely to each prompt, rather than talking freely. This is something which I need to continue to work on in future interviews.

What went well?

  • I thought the staff made some very good points, particularly regarding how beneficial LCA students are to the community, and how their expenditure contributes to the local economy in the areas that are going to be affected. The 6 lane highway running in front of the college will negatively impact the building’s appearance (particularly during years of construction), this may put students off coming to LCA and may go to other competing cities.
  • Another interesting point is that the outdoor seating area is very important to the students, used for live art, exhibitions as well as a general social space. When this is lost during years of construction this will negatively effect student’s work and enjoyment of their university years.
  • A very important point which was made, is that student safety will be heavily compromised, as Blenheim walk is already dangerous with its two lanes of traffic, which will be made into 6 lanes of two directional traffic. They mention how it is not only our students who will suffer, but other institutions students an the general public who will also be at risk.
  • A lot of the points which the staff covered during the interview, support the angle which we are trying to go down, which is to emphasise how the negative effects on college will affect the community as a whole.

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