Interviewing senior management team

Tom managed to arrange a meeting with Simone Wonnacott – principal of Leeds College of Art, and with Dave Russell – the director of studies.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 22.07.01

  • We decided to interview them in the board room, as it is quiet and has good opportunities for natural light, as well as various lamps which can be moved around to create better visual quality than in some of the studios.
  • I used two DSLR cameras, one was borrowed, and one came from the AV suit resources. Although the two cameras were both Canon DSLRs, they were not the same and so I had to spent a while ensuring the settings matched each other.
  • I set the mark 5 camera (AV suite) up with a rode mic attached directly onto the camera and with headphones, as this is the set up I was used to from practicing in the learning part of the module. We did not have a person available to hold a boom pole for the mic, and I also felt it wasn’t that necessary. (I positioned this camera as close to the seating area as possible to record the best sound).
  • Following on from what I had learned in Vis Lit 1, I made sure both cameras were set to the same ISO and White balance. However the borrowed camera’s white balance settings kept resetting back to manual white balance when the camera was put into video mode, so the visual quality did not match making the footage unusable.
  • I set up the two cameras, one in front of each person but at a slight angle, so that the person had a close up shot as well as the other person being in the frame in the background, to also record their response. I planned this so that when editing, I could use the different angles to emphasise the speaker, and also to be used as an alternative angle if I needed to zoom in or refocus.

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