Filming in the Hyde Park area

After filming in college, I went further a field, to gather footage of the areas which will be affected by the Trolleybus plans. On this occasion I focussed on the Hyde Park Corner, and Woodhouse Moor areas.

Having not yet interviewed the residents (which was arranged for the next day), and not wanting to delay filming any later, I decided to anticipate what they would speak about, which would probably be the effect the Trolleybus would have on the local area, businesses, green space, and congestion at junctions.

Before setting off, I looked at the PDF maps Tom had located for me, provided by the council, which mark the proposed plans of the road widening, tree loss, demolished buildings and loss of green space. The plans are not easy to understand, but having studied them for some time I worked out what I need to film to communicate how the proposal will affect the area. I circled the parts on the map that I need to get shots of and organised use of a car to help me navigate between them.

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 00.14.17 Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 00.14.30 Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 00.13.40 Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 00.14.03

I began filming between Headingly and Hyde Park Corner, getting footage of the shops and businesses which are going to be demolished. I also got some shots of the Hyde Park Corner junction, which is often very busy. I came across a few buses, which I decided to get shots of, as I felt they may come in useful as filler shots, and I thought they might have some relevance.

I then moved onto the Woodhouse moor area, where I got a few shots of the trees which run along side the moor, which will be cut down to make way for the road widening for the bus. I filmed general shots of the moor and also I filmed the road through the trees, with fast moving traffic. I thought this may be useful when road widening is mentioned, in regards to losing part of the moor.

31  16

Evaluation of filming:

  • The businesses that I filmed, which are to be demolished in the plans, actually look quite run down and don’t appear to be making much money. Visually this doesn’t seem to make a strong argument against plans to demolish the buildings. To resolve this, I think I need to go back and collect footage of the other businesses, which are currently successful and beneficial to the community. Despite the fact that they won’t be demolished, their income will be severely affected by the plans particularly in years of construction when people can’t access them easily.


  • As I began to film around Woodhouse Moor, it started to get dark, and so light conditions became quite poor, which meant the visual quality got worse and worse.
  • Because it is the middle of winter, and was getting dark, no one was using the Moor, and it looked a bit like an empty useless space. This is unfortunate, because in warmer months the area is an important space to those living around it, and is put to use by children, families and students.


  • Again because of the time of year, the area was not green and appealing. The trees had no leaves, and the floor was covered in old debris, and was muddy from the rain. This does not do the space justice, as an area which brightens up the surrounding urban environment, contributing positively to people’s quality of life.

Unfortunately, the seasonal issues cannot be helped, however video effects such as colour filters, and brightness settings can be applied when editing, and may help the visuals appear more positive when needed.


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