Filming around college

To support the interview voiceovers, which will be explaining the negative effects of the proposed plans on college, I decided to film different things around college to be used as filler shots:

I filmed:

  • People using the outdoor seating area (to show its use as an important social area)
  • People entering the college, approaching from outside, maybe to be shown as a time-lapse (to illustrate how there are a lot of students coming and going, and so a 2m pavement is not adequate, opposed to the current paved area)
  • Students attempting to cross the already busy road, going to and from college (to show that it is already a very dangerous road, so when they increase the road to 6 lanes of traffic, student safety may well suffer – this is mentioned by Fran in the recent interview.
  • The advertising folley outside the entrance to college, notifying people of the college and showing various things we do (to be used as a general filler shot, but also to emphasise its importance because the proposed plans will be to get rid of this whole area including our only signpost).
  • The general traffic situation, emphasising the road being busy as it is, with a very small cycle path. This will be increased to 6 lane, two directional traffic.

Having not yet carried out interviews of the senior management team, I hope that what I have filmed will support the points that they will make. I anticipated the types of things they will talk about e.g. the places in college which will be affected, student safety, and road widening. I plan to pick up extra shots after the interviews, when I have a clearer picture of what visuals are needed.



Evaluation of filming:

  • The outdoor seating area is often a busy social area for students for relaxing, having lunch etc. However there were not many people using the area because it was a very cold and windy day. The only people who were using the space were smoking, which does not give a good impression of the area’s use, and makes the argument seem weak. To resolve this issue, I intend to use existing footage from the 2013 end of year show, which shows the area being used for an exhibition, and live art (as mentioned by Tom in his interview). This will hopefully display how the area is a very important space, and so it will be a big problem when it will be force purchased during construction if the trolleybus plans go ahead.
  • There were not that many students coming to and from college (although it was a Monday morning which we thought would be busy). I wanted to show how a 2m pavement would not be sufficient for the volume of students, however the footage I actually captured undermined this point and made it seem a weak argument. Fortunately towards the end of filming, more students began approaching LCA, so I have some footage of the area in greater use.
  • The roads were not that busy when I filmed which does not really support the point made by Fran, which states that the road is already busy and a risk to students. Despite the roads not being that busy, I managed to get quite a few shots of students trying to cross the road and being narrowly missed by oncoming vehicles. This shows how dangerous the road is even when only a small amount of traffic is around. When the traffic from other roads is diverted down Blenheim walk in a 6 lane, two directional system this problem will be greatly worsened. I think that the footage evidences this.

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